Our Brokerage service for Pilotage
Organizations, Masters, Mates and Engineers
has developed over the years to service the
comprehensive insurance needs of
Professional Mariners. Our comprehensive
American Pilot's Program, International Pilot's
Program and our Professional Mariner's
Liability coverages have all developed as a
result of listening to the needs of our clients
and then creating insurance solutions for
Our "All Lines" service will allow both
International and American Pilot
Organizations to have access to a One Stop
Insurance Service that can economically
leverage premiums and it is very common for
coverages to be broadened at the same time.
Our License & Defense policy has included
Criminal allegation Defense for many years
now and our Pilot's Vessel Policy has
consistently been filling the gaps for our new
clients. Even though the program has been
permanently established, it remains flexible
enough to address the unique needs of each
organization and/or country.
Masters, Mates and Engineers can take
advantage of our Professional Mariner's
License & Defense coverages as an
individual or receive discounts under Group
placements. We also have specialized
coverages for Professional Captains that
want to carry Protection & Indemnity for a
Non-vessel owner.
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